Commercial Services

Customer Focused Commercial Operations

Commercial management for Ithaca’s fleet is provided by our leading commercial management partner in the dry bulk segment.  Dalex Shipping is focused on the safe and efficient transport of your dry bulk goods, even in complex times and volatile markets.


Dalex Shipping ( has more than fifty years of experience in global shipping operations.  Their operational and technical teams consist of highly skilled, experienced maritime managers and engineers who ensure Ithaca Marine vessels operate at peak efficiency.  They focus on safe and environmentally-friendly ship management that is committed to serving the needs of shippers, ship personnel and the general public interest for clean seas and safe transport.

Dalex provides commercial management for Ithaca Patience, Ithaca Prospect, Ithaca Visby, Ithaca Rigby and Ithaca Stockholm.  To contract any these vessels, please contact Dalex either by email at:, by phone at: +30 210 42 23 880 or by fax at: +30 210 42 23 893.


Versatile Handysize Ships Open Trade Opportunities

Self-loading and discharging, the handysize vessels in our fleet are highly versatile, transporting a wide variety of bulk commodities to ports and terminals with limited infrastructure, and length and draught restrictions. Additionally, Ithaca Marine’s ships are heavier construction loggers equipped to carry timber to small and large ports worldwide.

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